We like nice things.

Here at the Electric Blu Studio we think that the marriage between Analog’s Warmth and Digital’s Accuracy is key in a unique, clean recording. That’s why if you notice we’ve got lots of analog gear.

Please keep in mind we usually encourage you to bring your own instruments, for a multiple of reasons, but if you’re interested in using one of ours in your session, let the engineer know.

Studio Equipment:

The Backbone

  • Allen & Heath R-16 Analog Mixer / 16 Channel Digital Firewire Interface with classic British Analog EQ
  • Quad-Core MacPro
  • Logic Studio Recording Software
  • Yamaha HS80M Monitors
  • Bagend Custom Live-Room Monitors

The Rack

  • Crown Power Amp
  • ART 6-Channel Headphone Amp, allowing us to push individual headphone mixes for each musician.
  • ART TubeFire 8, an 8 Channel Tube Interface
  • ART 2 Channel Analog Tube Compressor
  • UA SOLO-610 Analog Tube Preamp


  • One Blue Baby Bottle
  • Two MXL 4001 Condensers
  • Two MXL 603 Condensers
  • An Audix drum mic kit: one i5, one D6, one D4, and two D2’s
  • One SURE SM-57
  • + More…


  • Crate 50-Watt Vintage Replica Tube Amp
  • Fender Tube Super-Amp with 4x10s on top of a 2×15 cabinet.
  • Ampeg SVT-III 350-Watt Tube Bass Amp Head
  • 4×10 Trace Elliot Bass Cabinet
  • Two Custom Made Bagend Monitors powered by a Crown Amp



  • Breedlove 12 String Acoustic
  • Norman 6 String Acoustic
  • Rickenbacker 360 12 String Electric
  • Paul Reed Smith Starla 6 String Electric
  • Gibson SG Special 3 pickup 6 String Electric

The Bass

There’s a reason why we only have one Bass.

It’s a 1990’s Rickenbacker 4003 MapleGlo Bass, with the Rick-O-Sound stereo output.

This is a bass responsible for the famous sounds from The Beatles, Rush, The Kinks, Pink Floyd, and other artists.

Rickenbacker basses have a distinctive tone. When you hear it you’ll understand.


  • 5-Piece 1980s Premier Rock Set
  • 4-Piece Handmade Small Jazz Set
  • Two sets of high-hats, two crashes, and one ride.
  • LP Pro Congo Set
  • LP Pro Timbale Set
  • Assorted Hand Percussion
  • African-Made Djembe


  • Novation 61 SL MKII – Literally the best 61-key keyboard controller out there.
  • Coming Soon: Moog Slim Phatty Synthesizer
  • Vintage Honkey-Tonk Upright Paino
  • Countless Virtual Keyboard Instruments

Other Instruments

  • Washburn Professional Banjo
  • Custom Made Mountain Dulcimer
  • + More…